Marine Communication Equipment and Aviation Communication System Manufacturer in China

Shanghai Advanced Avionics Company Ltd. is a marine and aviation communication equipment manufacturer in China. Our marine communication equipment products include an automatic identification system, AIS transponder, electronic chart system, AIS vessel collision avoidance system, and AIS aids to navigation system. Our products are used on ships and by vessel traffic services for getting identification, position, and more information, thus achieving goals such as collision avoidance, managing ship traffic, broadcast navigation aid and marker positions, and providing related information for marine search and rescue. Our aviation communication equipment includes a non-directional beacon, and marker beacon, as well as a central monitoring wireless remote control system to be used as an aviation navigational aid.

    1. AIS-B 600 AIS Transponder
    2. AIS-B 600 AIS TransponderAIS-B 600 AIS transponder is capable of displaying information of not only the vessel on which it is installed, but also adjacent vessels. It can also provide audio alarms with 3 levels of alarming distance to avoid vessel collisions. It comes with emergency alarm as well. GPS positioning function and easy operated keyboard is offered by our product while the average power consumption of the AIS transponder is less than 6W. The main unit for the AIS transponder has a compact structured shell ...
    1. ECS Electronic Chart System
    2. ECS Electronic Chart SystemThe AWENA-1 electronic chart system is an intelligent navigation device. It is a comprehensive combination of vessel collision avoidance system and ENC database in line with IHO S-57 standard. The colors, symbols and layers of the electronic chart all conform to IHO S-52 standard. The ECS complies with Class A Vessel Operation, Performance and Test Requirements, issued by Maritime Safety Administration of China. And it is also compliant with IEC 62376 for ECS, IEC 62288 and IEC 60945.
    1. AIS Aids to Navigation System
    2. AIS Aids to Navigation SystemAIS aids to navigation system is also simply called AIS AtoN. It is our newly developed aids to navigation system based on the AIS network. The AIS AtoN is capable of controlling light and broadcasting information of weather, geographical and hydrographical conditions when used on the buoy and lighthouse.
      Our AIS aids to navigation system conforms to IMO A-126 specifications ...
    1. AIS Vessel Collision Avoidance System
    2. AIS Vessel Collision Avoidance SystemIn addition to the basic navigation and collision avoidance functions, the AIS vessel collision avoidance system provides audio and visual alarms as well. It also supports marker operations, voyage tracks and waypoints recording and voyage planning function.
      In addition to above, the vessel collision avoidance system can also display the total number of received vessels and related information in a list.
    1. AIS, Automatic Identification System
    2. AIS, Automatic Identification SystemAWAIS-1 AIS is a widely used automatic identification system on ships, complying with the AIS Class-A standards specified by IMO, IALA and ITU. The automatic identification system integrates the capabilities of navigation information collection, RF transmission and reception, and electronic charting system. It divides the time into frames and then into slots, according to the self-organized time division multiple address technology, or simply SOTDMA technology.
    1. Marine Fisheries Communication Terminal
    2. Marine Fisheries Communication TerminalAWBDTS-1 marine fisheries communication terminal refers to a piece of satellite navigation and communication equipment specifically designed for maritime applications. Designed with a built-in GPS module and a built-in Beidou satellite navigation module, the communication equipment supports both GPS and satellite positioning functions.
      The marine fisheries communication terminal provides functionalities of GPS positioning ...

We aim to offer high quality communication equipment through quality control, technical improvement and innovation, and scientific company management. Our quality management system conforms to the ISO9000 standard. Through our technical research, we have succeeded in developing automatic identification systems which have an accurate SOTDMA protocol time slot and fast RF transmitting and receiving. We have also designed our own multi-channel TDMA transceiver, self-organized SOTDMA protocol coping software, and AWAIS-1 automatic identification system. All have passed the performance test of the China Classification Society, and have received the Certificate of Type Approval. Due to their accurate operation and reliable performance, our electronic chart system, AIS aids to navigation system, and other related communication equipment, were used in the water traffic safety systems of the Shanghai Expo 2010, and the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010. Through constant innovation, our company has become the largest AIS equipment Research and Development base in China, and we have established a firm standing in the maritime electronics industry.

Located in Caohejing HiTech Park, we are surrounded by a number of electronic parts and components manufacturers, electronic assembly service suppliers, etc. This gives us easy access to high quality and competitively priced parts and components for our automatic identification system, AIS transponder, and so on. It also allows us to easily control the quality of any outsourced parts. This not only ensures the quality of our aviation and marine communication equipment, but also reduces our transportation cost due to our proximity to these suppliers. Meanwhile, we are near seaports and only a 20 minute drive from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, which provides for reduced freight charges for our customers and allows our international clients to visit us conveniently. The high quality and competitive prices of our electronic chart system and AIS equipment have made them sought after in Singapore, Korea, Turkey, Argentina, and more.